Every new show - every time the best make-up and hair ideas can be found at Dries van Noten. I've spent years getting over the dusty grey glitter smoky eyes and massive loads of bobby pins on the fringes… today welcome the new fetish – eyebrows!
These are not your average coloured eyebrows though – the line is drawn through the light hairs and there’s not even a hint of mascara and the lips are kept in the most flattering shade of nude. Well, I may leave the red lipstick linger for a while.

As for the hair, the closest I can get to the natural matte messy hairstyle is…erm…the natural mess that my hair is at the moment – the kind of in-between length which never looks good. So here’s me when I tied my hair up with a scarf, re-drawn my eyebrows and grimaced a little at the photobooth.

all make-up and details: Dries van Noten winter 2011 via


  1. you look adorable in that photobooth picture! neat make-up and i love the scarf on you.