I’m surprised about the come-back of tie-dye in my wardrobe, but as long as it is some kind of a messy print even the tie-dye does the trick. These are my favourite outfits for the sunny afternoons and warm evenings, and if such seize to exist I’ll be hiding all the glory under a Christophe Lemaire trench.

1. Christophe Lemaire dress via Mapp
Veronique Branquinho belt
second-hand loafers

2. second-hand silk printed shirt
Zara grey tree-print blouse
Stine Goya trousers via Hunting&Collecting
peep-toe boots via some Korean online store
Veritas tie-dye printed socks
second-hand belt
COS clutch bag

3.H&M golden lurex knit
Cathy Pill shorts
DIY frill necklace
second-hand box purse
Zara tie-dye printed tights
peep-toe boots