It's kind of hard to explain why sometimes I hang clothes on a rack and just sit and watch. Some sort of a weird fetish may be? I regroup them according to style, mood, brand...whatever, just to look at where a frighteningly high amount of earned money went to - all of it went to pleasure seeking. A type of pleasure not everyone shares, but here it's all mine.
Last month my parents gave me a fantastic gift - a shopping trip to a city of my choice, so of course I chose Paris. Went to the Dries Van Noten exhibition, stuffed myself at Chez Marianne so much that the last strudel didn't fit, and filled my wardrobe with Carven brimful.

So here it is - the pleasure to behold.
The in-between weather favourite is the short speckled boucle jacket from winter 2012 pre - collection and a white blouse with winged sleeves from the same season, which I love to wear with the electric blue pinafore dress from summer 2013 pre-collection. Then there's a navy blue shorts all-in-one from summer 2012 and its happy companion the pink jacket with electric blue trims from pre-summer 2013, which I originally bought to match the pinafore dress but in the end felt dressed up like an air hostess, so I've only worn those pieces apart. My recent Paris buys fit with it too - a cropped shirt with an open back - originally designed for the summer 2011 I believe, but has been re-edited this season exclusively for the Saint Sulpice boutique's 3 years celebration. I bought it together with the Evening Capsule summer 2014 pre-collection navy organza skirt and another re-edition summer 2011 jacket. Then there's the famous white grid dress with the kiwi print which deserved a handshake and compliments from Guillaume Henry, it's from the pre-summer 2014. The little orange round bag was bought to match it. Then you see an outfit which is not entirely Carven, but the re-edition navy jacket works wonders with a bi-material Stephan Schneider shirt and a Carven skirt from the pre-winter 2012. My favourite sweater is last winter's Stella McCartney and I wear it with summer 2012 Dries Van Noten shirt and a summer 2010 (or 2011, no clue) Carven high - waisted shorts. I also have some pieces from winter 2011, but they are too warm for this weather,  a coat from pre-winter 2013 which could as well be hanging on the rail but I was wearing it while taking a picture, and a lonely summer 2014 skirt which was sadly separated from its perfect match - a flower patchwork white sweatshirt (it had a discolouration problem so I had to give it back to the shop).
Sometimes I feel like Daenerys and the dragons, only that I have clothes to call my children and sit and watch then devour a sheep.


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