Stuk Bambuka v 11 Chasov (Стук Бамбука в XI часов)

Yesterday night, while fishing in the FurFur pond I pulled out some good fish from the music article about early Soviet and Russian underground music. One well forgotten Russian music band originally from Izhevsk recorded their only album at home of one of the band members and split up soon after the singer quit, leaving behind some blurry videos that someone has luckily uploaded on YouTube a couple of years ago and a massive, piercing and haunted Belyj Chiort Landysh track. Unfortunately, there's no original video to it, but only some amateur's work that does not do justice to the song, so you better listen , not look while Tatiana Erohina mysteriously chants: "I see you, flower, among the dark trunks. You're tiny and skinny like a devil. Lily-of-the-valley. White devil lily-of the valley."
1990: Loshad' moej zhizni (Cheval de ma vie)
1991: Belyj chiort landysh (not an original video, but rather made by the group amateur)
1992: Snezhnyj miod


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