fruit of doom


If you are among my not-so-sparse Tumblr fans, you may have seen an age-old poem I wrote circulating on the net. It's been written about 3 years ago for a guy named Joe and shared all around now - creeps and goosebumps!
You may also have noticed my affection for brights, pastels, and, erm, fruit - the secret of it all is one pair of Nike Air Max that is on its way to me. Praise the wonders of Internet, I have finally found a pair of sneakers that tickled my fancy! Oddly enough it's an Air Max, a model that I always found heavy and annoyingly omnipresent...but there's something about the yellow and the nude like a freshly slashed mango neighboured by a photo of a house plant, a speckled marble board on a coloured paper backdrop in yet another Tumblr post. Colours that seem to go with a classic A.P.C. bag and a printed Kenzo sweater at once, destined to be matched! Or doomed to make my feet street-style savvy? O'no!