home alone



 Midsummer past - the light is supposed to grow dull...not at my new place though! The flat is bright and airy, and I'm doing my best to only keep cheerful colours and soft pastels. There's been a lot of change - all kinds of change, and my heart feels lighter when fingers are busy arranging flowers, weaving hanging planters, prepping the irrational amount of cushions on the tiny sofa and painting stars on Ikea plates.
There's so much stuff to go through still, and so much stuff I already went through, discovering many things I have completely forgotten about. My goal is to have everything in the right place, easy to find and never to forget. And all that did not survive my harsh judgement is given away.
It's not only the colours - the home breathes when it's clutter-free.
Buying and arranging flowers is like a whole lifestyle of its own, and I make sure to always have fresh flowers at home, even if at times it is just a tiny little wild flower I picked up somewhere - everything counts! Today I found myself matching the peonies to the Hay tray, and the tray to the nailpolish - that was kinda fun. Then I mounted the Hay gym hooks - the very first six holes I got to drill into the walls at my new place - yet no clue whether it may be symbolic of sorts. Gym hooks in place - and the colour matching routine takes the new spin - Acne Studios sweatshirt and Carven bag found a perfect resting spot. So the days go by.
Oh and Mr. Kramfors is finally happy - the Bemz sofa cover arrived, it fits like a glove and looks very sweet next to the brand new Muuto Visu lounge chair. I hear them whisper kind words to each other at night.


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