the Old and the New

It's hard to talk about feelings, it's even harder to feel them while I'm trying to make my new lonely life work, so I'm just keeping the head and the hands busy going through the piles of stuff I didn't always know I own...well, not in the second and third photo though - that's my pride and the result of excessive shopping, but so many things inside so many boxes needed to find the right place in my new home.
I managed to somewhat clear out the initial mess that was left after moving. It was the hottest day of the current summer - a Whit Monday, that begun with a thunderstorm and a pouring rain. In Russia we say that I must rain on Whit Monday...we also say that the rain on the day you move is a good blessed by the Old Gods and the New, my parents and I filled six cars brimful, and in the blistering 30 degrees heat, breathing the rain vapours that made the air sticky and tropical went up and down the stairs a zillion times to transport the endless amount of my stuff to the new apartment... which happens to be only 10 minutes walk from the old one.
A few hours into this and all three of us were ready to have a heart attack, but we finally managed! Dumped the stuff and went to my parents' house to wash the sweat away with ice-cold beer and cider.
Those few days that were spent organising the clothes showed me that I never have to go shopping again... but upon seeing an Instagram message from Hunting and Collecting that there's a 30% off treat for one day only I rushed into the shop and bought the long-desired Stine Goya giraffe embroidery sweater. So happy giraffe to me, because I will never learn! 
 Another beautiful surprise this week was a gift from my grandma. I knew what I wanted for so long, but things are so much more precious when you get given! Especially by the people like my grandma, who's awfully far away. Now I have two things at home that will always make me think of her - the very old marble squirrel pen holder ( you can see it on the first picture) and this very new &Tradition Hoof Table.
 I quickly arranged the work space - the rest is not yet picture worthy, but you will see as soon as it is. This work space will probably be moved to the bedroom and the living room needs some shuffling around, pictures on the walls, a rug and a dining table... and a million other little things that make it cozy. I am also patiently awaiting the pink Muuto Visu lounge chair to be delivered - when all is in place it will be a P-A-R-T-Y!


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