light confetti

You realise how much stuff you own only when moving it. And in my case moving everything, literally, on foot makes every single object count. The car will be available next week, but for now I'm stuck at a wonderful routine of walking from one apartment to another, looking like a mule with two blue Ikea bags and a cactus in my hands. Yesterday night I moved the good half of my kitchen in two rounds(including heavy dishes), so today, apart from a toolbox and some magazines it's like a walk in a park.
So if you see the Lena mule - give her a carrot or somethin'.
My new apartment is flooded with natural light because the living room, unlike in most apartments in Brussels, is longer in width than in depth so that the light from the big bow window can get to the furthest corner if it. The kitchen opens up onto the living room and is bright white. And the bedroom is a quiet place - the sunlight gets to it only after 4PM but never shines too bring because of the huge tree in the window. It casts shadows on the walls that look like confetti. I have trouble sleeping with too much light, so a dark, calm, quiet bedroom is a treasure find.
Now I'm trying to figure out how to organize the living space. Where the lounge should be and where is the dining table or the work desk. The bedroom is the most straightforward room - I'm planning on moving my bed into the alcove and putting as many cushions as can fit on it for the bay-bed look instead of the classical bed with the headboard. I'd like to make it a place to relax and to daydream.
The apartment is also a storage heaven. There's just so much storage space in the seemingly tiny kitchen that I managed to fit my sewing machines in there and make what I call the 'wine closet' with bottle racks inside. The wardrobe is happy too - the mezzanine in the bedroom will become the 'climb-in' wardrobe, with so much space it will look like I almost have not enough clothes.
Well, now back into action - saucepans, we're going home! 


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