it's a wrap

It feels strange to buy things to be unwrapped only in a couple of weeks, but it feels great to search and to find exactly the objects I wanted. They are just object anyways, but those are the new ones which don't have any emotional value to me - at this very moment it's absolutely priceless.
I found a new flat to which I want to take things that 'don't know me'. All kind of bright and cheerful things to keep the spirits up. For this matter I have sort of resurrected the OftenStrangers'Places URL - sort of, because it was always meant to be a blog for me and my mom to write about home and interior, but we never got around actually doing it, and blogging about it alone is a bit weird, yet it will do, largely so.
I was also considering a timely template change for this blog - I'm growing tired of those pretty little tiles that look so professional, yet the message remains the same. So why not go back to the previously flat scroll-down blog style? I do like the OS'P emptiness, without the slider, ads, popular post thingy, just a fine punctured line and a grey link box...hmm... 


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