Bemz - nordic pastels.


Slowly but surely getting through the interior design news. A while ago the pretty pastel Ikea sofas did a tour of the design blogosphere, and after having waited for about one year, I have finally clicked on the link to Bemz - a textile brand which actually makes removable covers for almost all known Ikea sofa and armchair models. And since I'm a proud owner of no-longer-in-production Kramfors sofa, kindly scratched by a cat and even more kindly coffee-stained by an unidentified visitor - old news are also good news. It's fun playing around the website which in a matter of a click turns my sofa yellow, pastel pink or Marimekko printed with flower design.
Pastel peach is lovely if that's your fifth sofa cover, but being pragmatic led me to a medium grey shade, and in doubt I ordered 4 different grey fabric samples free of charge to test them out at home before going for the complete transformation. A little wait and the good old Kramfors will have a timely facelift - only then will mr. Kramfors be acquainted with the very pretty Visu lounge chair in soft pink which has been on top of all my wishlists for a while. Yes, sometimes dreams come true.


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