new shoes - new start

Pictures of the new shoes, taken looking down, always set the good mood. Especially when the shoes are from &Other Stories and the pictures are taken with a new fancy phone, so I can almost forget the incident...well, almost, because of the entire morning spent at the police office. Yes, I'm one of those meticulous people who report mobile phone theft to the police. I did it out of hope that they can trace the phone, but the inspector clearly informed me that such 'complicated procedure' will only be authorized by the tribunal in case of a very serious crime. Meaning shamelessly stealing my phone is not a serious crime at all. Thank you, belgian Police!
Anyways, enough rant from me!
Today I went to Antwerp, just for a quick shopping spree and a walk in the sun. Bagged the silly mesh &Other Stories loafers and HAY wine glasses and promptly returned to Brussels where I will soon be moving to a new flat, which still needs to be found and rented though, but that doesn't stop me from buying a couple of new things to be unpacked after the move.
I'm quite pleased with the arrival of Stories to Belgium - it's a kind of place where you can actually go shopping without sense of guilt for even trying things on you can't afford. None of that! There are some very pretty dresses, sweaters, many that I couldn't choose. And if I were to have 10 eyes, there is a pair of sunglasses for each one of them. And then there are the shoes...the biggest problem happens to be that one only has two feet, and wearing several pairs of shoes simultaneously hasn't really been on-trend yet. And then there's choice...
I'll probably return for another fitting of a very flashy printed dress, which I just didn't dare to buy on the spot, but the more I think of it, the more the African/psychedelic print seems appropriate in combination with the mesh loafers and some hairy knit for the chilly nights.


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