all that doesn't matter

That filthy cunt who stole my Samsung Galaxy S4 can just as well go fuck herself with it. When the SIM-card is blocked and the phone is blocked and all the passwords are changed what the hell is there left to do with it? A bloody useless empty tin. So what was the motherfucking point? What's worse is coming to a luxury boutique, stealing the phone, and walking out all happy-shiny-thank-you-saying bitch! Next time I recommend to just grab the phone, smash it against the floor - no one can use it anymore in either case, but it would give me the pleasure of breaking some bones.
The strangest of reactions when I saw my phone missing - I went outside, holding my fists tight - for the first time in my life I was looking for a fight, not knowing where to go though. I went around the block looking to punch a woman, aged 45-55, that kind of average everyone's mom. I couldn't believe my own anger. May be because it is the first time ever anything gets stolen from me. Ever! But I was imagining how I'd pull her by the hair, knock her down on the ground and kick her in the guts. A blood-thirsty bitch vs. a kleptomaniac. For dog's sake, someone re-write the X-men scenario!
There's nothing but the flipside to this. All my latest photos, including the ones from the &Other Stories Antwerp store opening party are gone with the Samsung Galaxy, whichever way towards the Flanders it went. What's left for the blog is some Instagram blur and a lot of hard feelings.
R.I.P. Samsung Galaxy S4, you perished in a combat for false luxury life, amoral and unfair.


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