blog's not dead

…neither am I, but being preoccupied with millions of things at once is no good. Especially when those things are so domestic that I would not even bother you with any detailed explanations. Instead I may allow myself a very selfish look-what-I’ve-got post! Firstly, I have no idea how I managed to stumble upon it, secondly the shop assistant has no idea what she sold to me, but the result is clear:

This gorgeous Natalia Brilli headband is now in my possession! It hurts my temples in the most horrific manner and gives me a headache after one minute of wearing it, but I’ll be as tough as those leather-covered studs and subdue the pain with a thought for this is now my most treasured accessory.


  1. You can stretch it out by putting it on something slightly bigger than the natural opening of the headband. Like the arm of a sofa or something.. That's what I did with the headband I had, it gave me an headache too at first..