spring clean, v2.0

Please, get ready for an image-heavy post, which is only about interior design. I do occasionally allow myself such freak-outs as being maniacally excited about moving to my new flat – every excitement has its side effects, hence the post where I seem to regurgitate the entire ‘inspiration folder’ onto this blog. Expect no particular order or coherence; there are just the things that I love.

Anything that comes in stacks and pastel colours, like this amazing expo space:

Any inadequate use of wool yarn, especially if it gives plenty of DIY ideas, so instead of becoming yet another scarf over and over again, the cheap second-hand wool of which i've got a plenty can also be a cozy stool:

These are some of the breathtaking designs by the Dutch studio Gorm, do check their site:

Wood walls in the kitchen, and multiplex cabinets, you'll see this one coming back a multitude of times:

More Dutch designs, detailed and genious - I love the tiny wooden connector between the cords:

The whole deal with the invisible bookshelf is not my type'o'thing since i don't own any paperbacks, but this floating stack of books is surreal, I even googled for the technique ideas and found this:

I'm a fan of raw materials that are not given a proper aesthetic vallue, like MDF:

More studio Gorm love:

This installation work is by Katharina Trudzinski who is (and alongside with her sis Johanna) 1/3 of the creative mind behind the fashion label Hui-Hui.

This multi-functional stool/shelf/storage is by a German Das rote Paket, and basically is one of the things on my shopping list for this summer - I'm a freak for modular storage that can double up as a work of art:

A kitchen of my dreams? Just may be. It is actually inspired by the natural cycle of life and all utencils are placed according to this logic( even the water that drips from your drying dished waters the mini herb garden!).

Most of the images are via Bloesem - it's Dutch! But also via DesignSponge, Desire to Inspire, Hui-Hui, studio Gorm and Das rote Paket.


  1. inspiring stuff.... i want to organize my books by color like that. visually looks so cool!