holler at the filler (susie was right)

Have I written about anything interesting lately? I’m too busy playing with clothes after work and thinking of new DIY ideas, that’s the way I relax and unwind these days.
So I got my WoodWood shirt out of a package today – I love it. It’s strict and relaxed at the same time, and as I said I’ll wear it buttoned up. It’s also very long and wide, so it will be perfect in the summer with sandals and a tan leather belt (yes, I'm that kind of a hippie when it comes to hot weather).

WoodWood shirt, DIY necklace, H&M golden lurex tights, Zara boots

I also got myself on a ‘necklace over a buttoned-up shirt’ train and have already tried all combinations possible in my wardrobe. Unfortunately there are not too many that work. The African necklace that my dad brought from Nigeria goes with absolutely everything ( you can see it in the work outfit picture). A self-made frill necklace is an easy one to combine too, but it’s huge and needs loads of layers at the neckline.

the boring work outfit: Comptoir des Cotonniers shirt, H&M blazer, COS skirt, african necklace, Opening Ceremony shoes

The WoodWood shirt also has a double collar, so all the ideas mixed in one look good with a trench, but I’m not too happy with the a-line shape of the coat, so I’m showing you only the neck and the shoulders. I don’t have any courage to chop this trench, but the more I fit it (don’t really wear it out much), the more I am convinced that it needs to be shortened and the bottom has to be more rounded…well, you get the picture – it’s THOSE kinds of ideas floating in my head. Nothing too clever, nothing too constructive – the filler for the short evenings!

Wood Wood shirt, DIY necklace, second-hand trench


  1. love the wood wood shirt. i kind of want it now too after seeing how you styled it!