4380 days later


I’ve been longing, planning, earning, and finally they are mine! And all you get is the feet-in-the-air mobile shot. My camera failed to function today – probably melted from the heat, what else? Hence, the extensive use of the iPhone camera… It’s way over 30 degrees for almost a week already, so please don’t look for any logic behind the purchase of a pair of winter boots – it has been driven by desire, need, obsession, you name it. But since I saw a picture of Bjork wearing a pair of tabis I made a promise to myself to one day wear those too. And only some 12 years later I am a happy owner.


  1. SAME ones i'm dying to own.. congrats on the purchase! did u get them online?

  2. Those are some intense tabis!

  3. WOW congrats!!! That is one well deserved purchase