hunted and collected #1


So finally the big news of this week! Hunted and Collected is out and the reception/launch is tonight. Just to remind you, I’ve verbally doodled for this publication, mentioned fashion blogging and all that. I’m incredibly curious to know what people will think about my writing and about the project in general. Hunted and Collected debut issue is a catalogue of the season – something to keep and to treasure. I’m now trying to recall when was the first time that I came across an interesting publication issued by a boutique… Mode Depesche by Heimat in Cologne was probably the best example, by far not the only one, but probably the most substantial.
THE fashion fanzine it was.
But back to here and now! You are all welcome tonight at Hunting&Collecting to discover the catalogue and ask all participants some interesting questions – otherwise I will, since I’ve been brewing another post for ASVOF. You’ll get the link as soon as it’s up there.


  1. can't wait for the ASVOF article. is the zine available online yet?