home is where your cat is ...responsible for interior decoration.

The last missing point above the 'i' is some kind of suspension in the living room. My place is flooded with light during the day, but the nighttime is rather obscure without any hanging light. Since I haven't decided what I want there exactly, I leave the problem, erm, hanging.
For the rest, the apartment seems quite complete with this new Ikea PS mirror, a dining table, an original Tapiovaara chair - a lucky thrift store find, and my new acquisition - an old map of central Russia that dates back to between the two wars. It has a very strange borders drawn in the places that don't match anything on today's map and names of the cities that have a bias connotation nowadays, like for example all of Finland is in Swedish and the Eastern Prussia's major city is Koenigsberg. It even shows the republic of Germany on Volga - the kind of place that existed only for some years. Ukraine is an independent state, but Lvov is in Poland. Funny how all those borders and frontiers were so temporary.
You can clearly see the very spot I blog from and a pretty view I have on the apartment while doing so. But one perfect morning the cat probably decided to redecorate the view with a help of a fly and a curtain rail which did not seem to last long fixed to the wall. Hell knows when I can put it up again with those 3,5 meter ceilings. Thanks kitty!


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