endless love

Whatever may happen to fashion, I will always love certain things. Nothing, even the comments of the ‘passé’ can get me off deers and owls, crystals and the typically Russian combination of bright flowers on black background, just like those shawls and lacquer boxes…ageless is my love to beige and faded black, tan leather and pony skin shoes. Graphic platform shoes and sac dresses will always be in my wardrobe, just as well as anything Henrik Vibskov makes. Predictable? Yes, of course! Sometimes I feel that if I wear a blazer without anything remotely kitsch, I’ll look like a new wave Berliner in the 80’s. Not that it’s bad, simply is not my intention to be overwhelmed by my new haircut and my music taste…

So here’s the wishlist, mostly realistic (when the sales come around). The crystals and black for the night and the structured beige for the day.

vintage bag image via BleachBlack, Henrik Vibskov silk blouse via Azita, crystal rings image via Tumblr, Hui Hui dress via Azita, crystal necklace from Etsy, vintage skirt from Time's Up, pony skin platforms by John Rocha via RA13.

Alice Bastin lookbook image, Henrik Vibskov scarf, Cristophe Lemaire waistcoat via Azita, Henrik Vibskov bag and dress, Carin Wester shoes via Hunting and Collecting.


  1. Love it all! Especially the Carin Wester shoes (which I'm also hoping to buy on sale!) and the Henrik Vibskov everything.

  2. awesome wish list. those pony air platforms are epic

  3. Yep, I want the lot of it. Especially the asymmetrical dress that seems to bleeding lots of color.


  4. first two items on the list are killer, and those last shoes seriously take the cake. Mmm!