Reading through comments I realised there is a promise I didn’t keep, that in turn has launched a totally independent train of thought.
Why am I not at Berlin Fashion Week? My passport has expired and I have been running back and forth trying to fix it, hence no travelling abroad at the very moment I want to evaporate out and away from this country. So I, very unfashionably, sit by the pool and sunbathe in a cheapo H&M bikini. No glamour to share here.
Why have I not written anything for ASVOF? I have actually completely forgotten about it, taken by the heat or apartment hunt…or both, because searching for a flat to rent in this intolerable temperature isn’t fun. On Friday I showed up to a place and the real estate agent has announced to me and three other visitors that he has forgotten his keys…and offered us to wait for about an hour while he goes back to get them – there’s only one country in this world where such oddity may happen, and I’m just right *smack* in the middle of it. 36degrees C don’t seem to help.
Why am I not in London? The new job is in, so I’m coming back to Brussels in September. More on this later.
I’m sorry to leave you with a bunch of excuses and two lousy mobile shots, but my painted nails are probably the most interesting part of any outfit in this heat wave.

mint green and pale yellow Urban Outfitters
red Hema
blue Barry M
white Usly Airlines