sunday dress up

I know it’s 1AM, but what is a sleepless one to do? So here’s another mirror shot of a simple outfit from earlier on. And as the mirror-shot permission has been granted to me (thanks to those who bother to comment! I always love to hear what you guys think about all this silliness) I’ll try not to forget to take a picture. Tomorrow after work I shall run to a near-by second hand shop where I saw a huge men’s shirt with a ditsy flower print – I don’t even want to fit it, it’s ugly, but I really feel like playing around with some flower-print and white silkscreen paint.

COS sweater
second-hand trousers and necklace
Veronique Branquinho heels and belt
african necklace
H&M satin headband
Casio watch


  1. i tried on very similar shoes to those today! very pretty, very classic, lovely trousers

  2. very nice outfit lena, love how you combined a classic, stylish look a la garconne with some frivolous feathers :)