cherry blossom


You can probably call it a wish-list... or something like totally-drooling-over-list. The latter is probably just, yet still not explicit enough to describe my love for these two Carven items. I tried them both on in Paris and still wonder why are they not in my closet here and, may be I can explain why - bought a terrific white perforated dress with kiwi print and a small round bag that I'm totally in love with. But come the new pay month, I feel compelled to buy this cherry blossom dress, go find a nearest tree in bloom and stick my head into it. YES!

The skirt is something different, because I'm not 100% sure about the narrow low waist fit, but if I could work it in the same way as this girl on the DropTokyo photo does, it would be absolutely genius...well, plagiarized, but genius.
And by the way, happy 666th post everyone!


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