This charming man


I'm not a big event goer, champagne drinker or people watcher, although it is the kind of thing to do when you have a blog, right? It may explain the general content (or rather a lack of it) of this blog. But yesterday I have teleported myself to another side of Brussels for the Carven event at Smets. Oh yesterday!
I passed by in the early afternoon to try on the beautiful cherry blossom dress from the previous post, wearing my latest Paris buy - a white Carven dress with kiwi print. A young man approaches me and shakes my hand: "May I introduce myself - Guillaume Henry, I am the creative director of Carven, and you look absolutely amazing." *Blush*Blush*Blush* I stood there frozen, feet that wouldn't move, mouth that wouldn't speak. How could I know that I'd bump into the designer of one of my favourite fashion houses on a casual shopping spree? And how could I know that he's full of charm that just radiates from within him?
I told him about the Carven presentation a couple of years ago where my boyfriend DJed, he remembered it was great fun, we briefly talked about the event taking place in the evening and I left him to numerous preparations that I did not want to disturb. And in the evening when the crowd gathered, I figured that it would be just fun to dress up in a Carven total-look of the brand devotee, and showed up all bright eyed and bushy tailed, only to find almost no one I knew...strange thing how Brussels can be so separated into neighbourhoods of which people don't cross the boundaries, and while in the city centre there are always familiar faces, the Smets event left me with the sentiment that there's always more to know.
The one and the same charming man grabs me by the shoulder and says: "You look lovely again! It is very rewarding to see people like you."
And before I knew it, I've melted into a pool of sparkly glittery goo and totally dissolved into the Smets Store concrete floor, only to realize some hours later that I completely forgot to introduce myself, drowned by Guillaume Henry's charm and kindness. So typical and unprofessional of me...but very very pleasant.


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