Vika Gazinskaya &Other Stories


I'm totally over my head about the designer collaboration soon to come. Wow, how do they come up with such things? The Tumblr scoop tells me Vika Gazinskaya collection of clothing, shoes and accessories is soon to hit &Other Stories floor.
I've always admired Vika's personal style and her collections that are playful, feminine, undoubtedly Russian, but somehow seen through the eyes of a foreigner or a traveller may be. She is one of my few co-patriots who seem to have a universal appeal, far beyond Russia's frontiers, and yet sticking to the country's style strongpoints (not to say 'clichés').

It's a lineup of soft neutrals, hand-drawn prints and quirky styling, frills, bows and dots. I know that Vika's heels are always sky high, but I hope the lovely dotty wedge pumps have a more laid-back casual mid-heel sibling. Buy since &Other stories are really good at mid-heels, we can very much expect that to happen.
In other words, I'll be nervously refreshing the webpage on the day the collection is due. All this loveliness got me dreaming of the birch woods, the dacha and the butterflies.


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