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3.1 Phillip Lim top from Icon's stock sale
3.1 Phillip Lim neoprene skirt
&Other Stories earrings
&Other Stories nailpolish in Moire Green
It's the right time for something new. Not meaning the snow may come...although it will, but days are shorter and I take inspiration from the North.
I wanted something light and airy for my home, and when I saw the DIY coat rack on Weekday Carnival I knew this would be time for a visit to Brico. Finding the materials was easy - gluing it all in place wasn't! The instant glue was just too quick and too strong to fix itself in place, but in the end I could have glued the rack to the ceiling and would have stayed put forever. I may try another shape next time - something more solid, like the multiple-way clothing rack made by the talented Ivania of Love Aesthetics, but in blond wood and copper. 
Oh now that I mention copper! The birthday is never over, especially when a friend shows up with fantastic gifts. One of those is a copper candle-holder from HAY, and the other one I will show you later - it's neon orange! Thank you!

 Now, there has never been a 'new in' post without new clothes. I have a crush on the 3.1 Phillip Lim winter collection (and even a bigger crush on his summer collection!), so bring on the neoprene! I love the quilted...or rather embossed texture of the skirt, and surprised how warm this material actually is. The top has a funny texture too - it looks like delicate lace that has been burned by a hundred of cigarettes, but is made of a papery, strudy cotton material which keeps its shape just as well as neoprene does, and I can't wait for the Christmas parties to begin to wear it out.
These earrings and nailpolish were some of the few things that I kept from my &Other Stories order. The clothes were either too big or too small, so I've send them back. I hope one day to visit the physical store and try everything on prior to buying...and the buying I'll do! This brand excites me much.


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