...has gone missing

O the day when I posted five times in a row, where art thou? I do at times wonder.
I have said once that through many posts I speak coded language to the people I know. Strawberries or song lyrics – don’t be surprised but there are people who understand why I occasionally regurgitate that Blood Brothers stuff…
But this week I’m alone, babysitting the kitties while my parents visit our home-town. I have no intention of going back to the middle-of-nowhere-Ivanovo, and choose to be trapped in the middle of nowhere Waterloo with 2 birds, 3 cats, 6 fish a sewing machine and satellite TV. Not bad for starters…
After discovering the movie channels I have managed to watch everything from X-men to Avatar and a whole other bunch of no-brainers, all while knitting a scarf. Was there any fashion in my leisure? Apart from the scarf?
Well I made a good use of the sewing machine completely resurrecting my abilities to make clothes. Four years of Antwerp Academy have not gone to waste, and the result is this pair of trousers – very simple, but that’s exactly what I’m looking for these days. The fabric is double-sided (I can’t wait for the next Stephan Schneider stocksale, that’s where this fabric comes from), so the front is made from the satin side, the back from the textured mat side. The belt has ‘gone missing’ and only the loops remain – that’s the design twist, so to speak. Oh well.

worn here with:
Zara t-shirt
H&M blazer
Dries van Noten shoes
some random belt

and here with:
A.F. Vandevorst shirt
a necklace from Nigeria
shoes from this eshop


  1. Fantastic pants! I love the 'missing belt' detail.