holygrace! holygraphie!

This is the most amazing news, and I’m already fully prepared to sell my soul to devil for one of those:

Undercover launches the first perfume in the end of May, says Susie.

You may all know about my passion for Vibskov’s work, judging from the number of times I post about it…but only the dedicated ones know how much I admire Jun Takahashi’s Undercover. And one day when I decided to by a work of art, completely disappointed by what I saw at the Brussels Art Fair, I got myself an Undercover skirt from the ‘Paperdoll’ collection (that’s the autumn/winter 2003/04). I’m still looking for the right way to display it, dreaming of hanging it above a bathtub (don’t ask why), the one that may have those pretty curvy paws and must be placed in the middle of the room. Being still pretty far from the ideal placement, the skirt is my upmost treasured possession, and now I don’t mind adding the perfume right at the very top of this year’s wishlist.


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