DOUGLAS FIRS summer sneak-peek

The spring will be in full bloom from 1st of April, or so I hear! Let's hope it's no April's fools.
Now you can roughly guess what has emerged from underneath heaps of plastic like the primrose from underneath the snow...
There are two parallel stories in the DOUGLAS FIRS first summer season - both inspired by Koreeda's 'Air Doll'. The black and white part is cold and graphic, extra-short and see-through, dominated by an abstract print and grid pattern - it's the DOUGLAS FIRS take on miss Bae's maid costume.
The collection evolves into the casual city-wear with sporty details, washed effects, liberty-print trims, corduroy elbow patches - well basically all the joy you expect from DF. The garments can be miss-matched or worn together, like the printed shirt and the printed culottes which will give an effect of all-in-one. I've also worked with many textures, from hand embroidery to washed twill, and with neutral colours to make those textures show. So I hope that everyone will find something they like in the DOUGLAS FIRS world.
The collection will soon be available at MAPP. on rue Leon Lepage 5 in Brussels. I will be closing the online store for a while though and focusing on finding more physical retail points for DOUGLAS FIRS, in Brussels and beyond - obviously I'm open for suggestions!!