The wardrobe mystery: wide pant

Just as it seems that I can wear almost anything (or at least accept the idea of being able to wear almost anything), comes the wide pant. It is not unusual or daring - it's just a wide pant. I used to wear black ones as a teenager, I was a bit if a meatalhead, admitting it now. But ever since the long-gone 1999 I haven't even considered a possibility of wearing something that bares even a vague resemblance - there's no explanation to why and how - I just haven't got a clue to what are you supposed to wear with a wide pant without looking like your ass is wider than the wide open bus doors and that you have to step onto the public transport sideways.
Well, mysteries are there to be solved! I came across a photo of Cosmic Wonder corduroy pants styled to perfection with a wide-cut cotton blouse and platform heels. Everything here is wide and loose, but what I would believe to be looking as a piece of lump has unexpected elegance. May be it's in the length of those trousers which is slightly cropped, may be it's in the balance with the boxy top, and surely in combination with those heels it works wonders.

Then another image came in mind - from Carven resort collection, where the wide pant is styled with a long masculine shirt and a double-breasted blazer cinched at the waist. Once again it's a cropped version worn with platform heels... I'm starting to see logic in things!
Now in reality the wide pant is not such a mystery and I managed to find a plenty on Topshop, ASOS and COS - the latter I'm willing to try and play with the different styling options before I shamelessly copy the Cosmic Wonder corduroy trousers for the DF winter 2014 collection. Just don't tell anyone!;)


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