...and a piece of pie

This is doomed to be the stupidest post in the whole history of .origami mon ami, but I found it utterly amusing making a pie chart, so I got a bit carried away.
Here I present you with a lovely detailed pie chart of...erm...my wardrobe.
Yeah, roll those eyes!
I roughly counted up what I've been spending my dough on, and without including shoes, bags or accessories - this is how it looks like. Stuffing many different things in 'Designer brands' category my pie chart is blue by almost a half. it's difficult to say who's a designer and who's a young designer and whether Opening Ceremony is a designer brand...so the second pie-chart reveals it a bit. A.P.C., Carven, OC and Acne are 'Designer brands'. Dries and Kenzo 'high-end', Lemaire, Vibskov, Christian Wjinants or Peter Pilotto (who got filtered into 'other') are 'young designers'. COS stands almost solemnly for 'high-street' and there are some 'unknown' brands that I brought from travels, which can in fact be very well known in their homeland.
In conclusion, my second-hand buying skills are piss-poor...so are the DIY (considering that I run my own clothing brand, oops!). I'm a kind of person who looks for quality and design, playing it safe, only buying the brands I know. And since the numbers in the most popular slot are barely topping 20-mark, I spend a lot of money but buy fewer clothes that last longer. I'm surprised at how little COS I own (considering 2 and a half years of work at COS) - those are mostly basic sweaters, black jeans, t-shirts and a couple of skirts and dresses.
I'll make a shoe chart some time, yet it risks to be a bit boring - I don't have as many shoes as you'd expect me to have. Bags are the same - only a couple of very simple and practical ones. So in the meanwhile, have some tea!


  1. interesting new approach to wardrobe reporting :)