spring soup


While I'm grounded suffering some kind of nasty flu why not pretend to live on this page of the Japanese Soup Magazine? There's loads of sunshine and A.P.C. clothes, that's pretty perfect to me.
Last week even though the temperatures plunged easily bellow zero I got myself a spring coat and a visor - it's a fair continuation of my winter obsession with Kenzo hats and headbands and basically any accessories for the head. I love sunglasses, but the visor has a trick - you don't have to take it off indoors - practical thinking!
After the long winter when your best shoe had to double as ski, ice-skate and rubber boot, leaping over half-melted snow mudpools and dead rats, climbing up glaciers just to go to work, and slaloming down chausse de Waterloo that has an inclination degree of a black slope just to reach the nearest Metro... One thing got surely in my head - there's no place for heels in the city of Brussels. I shrug at posts like "I got my first pair of Louboutins". Creepers work, rubber soles work, wedges work, mid heels work - Louboutins freakin' don't! More practical thinking? You bet!
And thanks to A.P.C for making the most comfortable shoes ever.


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