Cafe Gondry


Last year in May I was in Korea, travelling around the country, down to the sub-tropical island of Jeju and back to Seoul via port town of Mokpo. I'm not sure where I'll spend my holidays this year, but I would be very happy to go back to Korea again and explore Seoul a bit better. Last time I was overwhelmed by the constant K-pop bombardement, horrid K-drama on every TV channel and culinary programs which did not arouse my appetite no matter how much I love Korean food - see raw chicken meat? An octopus served alive? Edible 'sea-penis' worms? After watching a couple of those programs I was happy to find myself at Café Gondry where the owner who previously worked in film industry taught us the basics of Korean language and served my favourite drink in the whole word - blueberry latte. Koreans are so good at making coffee, that they invent all kinds of surprising flavours and serve it beautifully that I just have to photograph it before taking a sip.
I'll share some more pictures of my Korean trip in the coming days - I've got a plenty!



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