Friday treasures

Some colours, fabrics and details are just meant for my wardrobe and I'm always over my head when I find them second-hand without splashing out too much cash. Navy, tartan check, seersucker, rounded collars, coloured pression buttons, roll-up sleeves with d-ring straps. The golden bunting necklace is from Urban Outfitters where I went while considering a purchase of Underground creepers, but I wasn't sure whether I want the candy-coloured mint green or tan leather ones...the necklace was displayed on literally every mannequin - those guys are doing an action or something and no matter where you look you see one of those tingling bunting thingies. So yeah, that's how I succumb to the common trend.
The sunglasses are from Isabel Bajart - possibly the best vintage select store in Brussels. It is pricier than the regular second-hand grabs but they mainly deal with incredibly well-chosen designer vintage and dead stock items. So where else do you get an unused and in perfect condition sunnies for 15 eu? Notice the navy blue shell print one frame top and a golden bridge - I'm a fan. The clothes are from Think Twice sale.
One thing left to ponder upon - oh summer, where art thou?


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