a love letter to Henrik...

Dear Henrik! May I call you Henrik?...
..OK, I stop before I begin, it’s cheesy. But basically I’m trying to figure out some kind of blackmail or bribe strategy to make Mr. V send me some free clothes…and not just some – the entire Spring/Summer 2010 collection, please!
I love every piece and every detail of this season, which is surprisingly sombre and seductive – the unusual turn in Vibskov’s designs. The dance macabre of the pressed and stitched pleats, circular-cut lapels, shorter lengths and ditsy prints.

I’ll begin with this gorgeous blue jacket (available at Mapp.), as it is the best cover-up for spring. The catwalk snapshot doesn’t do this jacket justice, because actually it has got a double front which looks like a single-breasted jacket that has a double-breasted waistcoat underneath.

Then I’ll hunt this pleated dress down! You can see it better in the last image, but I love the pearl-grey colour. The pleats are pressed onto the otherwise flat dress and a pleated belt is worn over it to add even more dimension and movement.

Lilac shirt-dress with polka-dot print? There can be only one, and this is it!

The immaculate shift dress in nude colour is just the perfect garment to dress up. Look how the pleats are stitched on the skirt and how they open up on the bodice. This is probably the most flattering garment I’ve ever seen in any of the HV collections.

And this is a clear snapshot of the pleated belt – kind of a more user-friendly version of the ruff-belt from the winter season, me thinks.

The mustard gingham check oversized blazer (yes, please!). What happens if you button it up all the way, as it has a row of buttonholes going all the way up the lapels? I’m already impatient to play around with this one.

And last but not least, a black trench with more rounded lapel details and polka-dot lining! Sorry AF Vandevorst, but I found my true trenchcoat-love.

So, Henrik, when will you finally start making crap that I do not even want to see, so that I don't need to live off cornflakes for months? You are so mean!


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