plagiarism or DIY?


This is not even the matter of styling, because the image comes from an on-line store. It is not just the coat – yet it happens to be the most magnificent trench-coat I’ve seen in ages (after the white lab-coat inspired AF Vandevorst trench in Labels Inc. – don’t touch it, it’s mine, I’m just saving up!).

I love the golden brim glasses, wine coloured wedges, a low ponytail and red lips – the prefect effortless look for the spring yet to come. Pity that I don’t have a spear 500 bucks… and the chances to find a similar coat in a second-hand shop are equal 0. The question is: to DIY or not to DIY?


  1. it's hard to say whether you should DIY it or not. look at which details really mean the most to you. some are probably ones you won't find in something vintage...usually i just wait it out and if visions of the item are still stuck in my brain after a month or the end of the season, i go for it (if i even have the money!)