the new cronicles of random

I realise that a blog is so much more like a diary no matter which topic you cover. Today it is incredibly hard to recreate the mood of yesterday, and all the objects and ideas connected to the mood don’t make sense to write about some days later.
Anyhow, a personal blog is a diary expressed through a narrow theme – here it’s fashion, but it could be anything else. I wonder, to which extend can the personal content be open to public, and what happens if I were to write exactly what I think, feel, or what concerns me? I also wonder whether this blog would have any popularity if I were to post interviews and catwalk images only? It seems like a lot of people come back for the personal part, women trying to take a peek into my closet, men – into my life. I did meet several ones who knew a bit too much of the things I have never told them – all admitted to being attentive readers. But do people really believe that this it?
Suddenly I had an idea to make a post about one entire day, hour by hour, the exact documentation of every single event. It can be the most boring day ever, but that’s the point! There’s no need to do anything extraordinary to respond to the voyeuristic cravings – just have to act like a Facebook status-update junkie, only with pictures. But for now it is just another chronicles of random.

This is the most absurd tea-time – macaroons from Paul, dried Turkish figs and avocado…they all fit by colour though.

I always admired the Scandinavian style. Somehow up north the people have so much taste in fashion and interior design - it’s always simple, functional and every shape is thought through. I’m not going to write more about ACNE’s fall/winter 2010, so far every blog I’ve seen has commented about the amaziness of it – I’ll just quietly nod in agreement. But I have to mention my addiction to the Danish blog Anywho, because I love the style of those girls, it’s always dark but always fun. Those huge earrings, loose silk shirts, high-waist trousers, wedges, ankle-length coats, vintage Moschino accessories and loads of leather. So this is what I’ve been thinking of while bidding on the Moschino logo belt, although Anywho is not the only reference for the recent Moschino craze, I am still attracted to the voluminous and sombre styles highlighted here and there by a golden sparkly touch.

My other addiction is fringes and tassels, as you might have seen lately: shoes, belts, and now bags! This Escada purse that I got at Jutta&Riska in Antwerp is my perfect companion when I need to carry very little – not that it happens too often, since I have a huge bag that is always stuffed, and I don’t even know what is at the bottom of it. So let the purse to be a small excuse for getting rid of the unnecessary clutter.


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