'das oath'

This is a simple shuffling-around of familiar garments, but I don’t mind to try them out already now, not having to wait for next winter as this one seems to be never-ending. The hat with a huge furry pom-pom is what I crave for in this cold.

TSE a/w 2010 via style.com
The other day these shoes made me stop and stare…not that I need yet another pair, but these Robert Clergerie brogues trespass onto the territory of absurd, this is what I like – still your regular brogues but there’s something strange about them.
Apart from that, I’m hugely lacking of inspiration, and in the times like this I make long-term plans and swear the oath of change. This year’s goal happened to be growing my hair out, starting with a short bob, no colour, no chemical treatments, just me, myself and whatever I’ve got from nature for a hairdo. Believe it or not it’s a tough job, knowing how many hair products I use on a daily basis and the fact that I don’t even travel without a hairdryer makes me doubt if I last long on henna and Co..
But the goal is set, the deal is fixed and this time next year I’ll be tying my hair in a high Japanese bun – what a joy!


  1. that first look is so adorable. i'm working on growing the hair out too, but i get highlights about 3 times a year and can not go long without my blowdryer and straightener so it's been a long road!