Monday, February 8, 2010

An idea to photograph my entire day has left me with a number of images missing, because I am still not used to grabbing a camera for every minuscule reason. Nevertheless, I did document one Monday at work in the best way I could – of course forgetting a half of what happened (well, nothing really did, it was just a plain boring day), I bring you one day in my life.

4AM: first alarm rings, snooze, snooze, snooze

5AM: up, shower, no breakfast, out in a cold with my dear morning friend – pink vintage mini-bike.

5:30AM: The rain is pissing down, I’m on my way to work. God bless Brussels for a downhill slope all the way down until the historical centre, sometimes I feel like fixing some wheels to my bed and rolling it down to work. So far my bike does the job.

6AM: Kids! Don’t ever become visual merchandisers! Or you’ll be doomed to start at a very unhuman hour – 6 AM is early. Luckily the seasonal kick-off presentation that I have to do begins at 9 o’clock – time enough to prepare.

11AM: lunch – there’s a dead pigeon on the balcony of the neighbouring building. He’s been there for a while, but I don’t even want to think about what he will look like when the weather gets warmer.

3PM: work is done. I’ll pass by Hema to get a new storage box and an organic food shop for some shampoo and pasta.

4PM: every time I go up with the lift at the Palace of Justice I feel like I’m in Stockholm. It’s just like going from Gamla Stan to Söder with the Slussen lift. I suggest we flood Brussels a little, for the closer resemblance.

I’m on my way to a paper shop, casually tempted by the tasty macaroons at Paul. One can not resist the pistachio flavour!

I think this is a graphic design agency, but I love their windows.

Always wanted to take a picture of this Brico parking lot – it’s just around the corner from my place. Well, here it is now.

5PM: home! Tea time. Quick shuffling around of the groceries.

I’ll finish my day at the photocopy shop and have a lazy evening in front of the computer screen – not that I have much of the evening left – tomorrow up at 5 again.


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