spring clean

Sadly things tend to end before they begin, that’s speaking of relationships which seem to be important and indispensible one day and shouting ‘get out of my house!’ the next. Well, nothing’s wrong with volatile character – it’s springtime (with prediction to snow on Wednesday, EDIT: Belgian springtime).
Yet there’s another side to it, not the dark side, but rather peculiar nevertheless. About this time every year I want to move to another apartment. And this is a long-term regularity occurring since 2002. Bizarre! But days are getting longer, sunshine appears slightly more often, or at least it does outside. In my cosy dungeon inhabited by ghostly midnight creatures ( referring to the few unfortunate ones that got stuffed with straw at the brightest years of their life), the sunshine is very rare. So now I’m dreaming away about a lovely 2nd floor flat with a balcony, installed kitchen and wooden floors ( laminated if they happen to be suits me just fine). I want everything new or newish and functioning. I want things in somewhat sterile Muji-esque atmosphere. I want plastic windows. All of the above is to suit this IKEA shelf that I want.

And since my place is filled with retro Scandinavian teak furniture, Tomado shelving units, shabby industrial objects and stuffed animals, it needs to be cleared up by big windows and even floors.

Admittingly it does seem like a major spring clean.

The images are:
Cow hide from IKEA
Modular sofa unit from Muji
Fabric sold by meter from IKEA
Scented tin candles from Muji
Modular sofa unit from Muji
Boat-curtain from IKEA
Paper bin from Muji
Angle arm-chair from IKEA
Flat screen TV console from IKEA
Test-tube vase from Habitat
Side table from Habitat
Closet form IKEA
MDF closet form IKEA
Organic plant from Muji
Wooden storage box from IKEA
Angle sofa from IKEA
Laundry basket form Muji
Coffee table from Habitat


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