My recent fashion doodles took me this way – highly talked about among all bloggers Rodarte tights repro! Unbelievable but true. I’ve never done such thing before, making a piece of clothing after an existing image, i.e. a rip off! Well, there’s always a first time for everything, so I did knit mock-Rodarte tights in white. Somehow everyone wants the black version, but I find it an extremely harsh style to wear, it almost begs for the fluffy dresses as it has been presented in the collection. The white version is softer, fuzzier and can be combined with all things sharp, pointy or draped without any harm.

Actually being not-so-straightforward thing to make those tights are just a knitted sausage, you just have to get the ‘imperfections’ right. I started with a row of 20 very large loops, alternating the thickness of my knitting needles with every row, then I brought it down to 15 around the thigh and knee, then down to 10 around the calf. One-legged sample is ready, now I need to buy proper mohair wool and get on with making the two-legged hairy monster.


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