landscape mapping and naked lampshades on tuesday afternoon

As neither of the current fashion weeks yields any excitement, I’ve been spending quite a lot of time researching the interior decoration – the topic which was always very close to me( I did doubt a great deal whether to study interior architecture or theatre design!), but it never was so important up until now. Partially because of my new job as a visual merchandiser, partially because of my lovely basement flat in St.-Gilles, my head is preoccupied with all the wonders of interior design that I seemed to have missed out on...and honestly it started with m/m paris for Domestic wall stickers!
Now as I’ve been closely studying the Habitat catalogue and planning my expenses, I couldn’t help but to think of one designer collective - 5.5 designers. It’s the contemporary surrealism, authenticity and tongue in cheek humour that makes their designs stand out. Habitat is still apparently more affordable and some objects do bear the same attitude, like the glass lamp with a red cord inside.

But that’s only details. The real awe is the 5.5 designers project for Sabz – a furniture and interior shop in Paris. It’s inspired by stone formations and landscape mapping…and just look at that light installation!

There’s way more fun and inspiration on their website. And as for my basement flat…I’m currently busy with creating a cluster of naked lampshades (shamelessly inspired by the creation of the Stockholm-based studio Design Dessert called the emperor’s new lamp) to install in my kitchen in order to disguise the fact that there’s a blocked water pipe sticking out of the ceiling. Yet the glass lamp project sounds attractive too...


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