MJ vs KW

Not sure if I should be investing into the hate bucket this season, because as the fashion week in New York unravels some of its horrors, I’m afraid I kinda have to. Meaning – I did love the glittery shouldery look when Karen Walker did it for Autumn/Winter 07, but I’m shrugging with dismay as a first model steps on Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 09 catwalk. And it’s not the issue of “too late Mr. Jacobs, we’ve seen this three seasons ago”. I’ve simply preferred women to be superheroes with 40’s flair than to see Mary Poppins of a gypsy origin. Questions here: why shift from minimalism to maximalism so drastically? Why mix and match without choice or preference instead of giving a privilege of choice and personality? And did anybody think of Zara – the poor thing is just going to blindly copy all these looks - how cheaply-looking will all these ‘latest trends’ be introduced to the common folk? Spare my cynicism, but I do happen to work at rue Neuve, and every new season of exaggeration on the catwalks sets me baffled. Spring/Summer 09 is no exception…let’s wait for Paris though.

Marc Jacobs S/S 09 + Karen Walker A/W 07


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