No! I did not get electrocuted by my official radio and die! Neither did I lose my fortune on the Viking Line and stay in Scandinavia condemned to wild camping, picking berries and mushrooms alongside with the Moomin family…and neither of the nonsense I can continue writing you should believe in, except for one dramatic truth – I’m living without internet for two months and it is taking its toll on me. I haven’t been able to follow or be followed any of the on-line blogger world for a while, and every time I travel back to my parents’ place to check my e-mails I get to discover everything anew. As I definitely like to and sometimes have to follow fashion weeks/streetstyle I should be getting myself connected as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, my new basement flat is starting to look like home, slowly but surely. It’s still missing out on the practical side, like having no chairs, or no TV cable which every week I forget to buy, well I did say “slowly”, didn’t I?


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