Lena and the Bunnymen

Sometimes I veer in strange directions and end up in shops like Claire's, and sometimes things there make me frown - that's where I get a marbled nailpolish, neon yellow bobby pins and this somewhat absurd bunny earring. I'm not sure whether I should wear it with the bunny butt sticking out to the front...
Whichever way forward, this bunny earring is a perfect addition to the frosted blue Acne sweater ( thanks ICON for private sale!) and all things pale and pastel I just love. This winter  I go about black-free, completely consumed by the pastel trend, but also finding something very personal about the way I wear colour. Bright colours have always frightened me, they can easily make even a simple garment complicated, but pastels and neutrals and surely white  are a perfect background for accessories and jewellery. Lately I find that pastel colours demand less makeup and the bare skin looks fresher. May be it's just me, and everything has to do with the personal colour palette that suits my skintone and haircolour, I don't know. Not wanting to generalize, I still can't help to ask people to wear more light colours, especially in the country where we spend most of the time living in the 'gresaille'  - that very Belgian term applied not to arts, but to general greyness of light, omnipresent, interseasonal.


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