skin food

When the weather is getting colder and my skin is still not doing me any favours, I choose skincare products that are light, suitable for sensitive skin, yet do the work they are supposed to do, and not only sit pretty in their packages.
Pomegranate eye gel is for smoothing the first wrinkles (yes, we all get to this point one day). Wild Rose hand cream is gel-like, non-greasy, and smells of roses. I'm glad to have found a hand cream I can carry around in my bag. Aloe day cream is something new I wanted to try out - it promises to be gentile. Tea Tree oil is something I use on blemishes and occasionally add a couple of drops to the day cream - my goal this winter is to stop wearing any concealer or foundation, so I'm on a hunt for perfect skin...well, seeing the crowded skincare stores, seems that everyone is, yet it looks like no one's getting any closer.


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