the wonderful world of devils and colour schemes

It’s not like something incredibly exciting might happen on Monday night, especially here in Den Haag! But a strange melancholy is taking over me again, so as a matter of my blogging routine that I seem to develop in such times, I just have to post something…and there’s less than an hour (of expensive hotel internet) to come up with that ‘something’
So with a simple thought of “let’s see what’s on my camera memory card” I discovered a very sparse material for a very charged topic that is cutting deep down into the origin of my melancholy!
Here’s the yellow paint sample from the COS window that I did last week…

….here’s the colour sample of a pink clutch bag which is supposed to match the colour of the tights in the window…

….and here’s a very blurry picture from a week ago!

…and how peculiar that the only three pictures on my camera have the same colour scheme! Or is it me who thinks in colour schemes? Which I guess I must. The entire point of my trip do Den Haag is the training in order to become the visual merchandiser of COS Brussels! Psyched! As I did not really see it coming, or at least not so soon, the news fell on top of my head (and they fell hard, because the decisions I have to make about my clothing brand and any other side projects are irreversible). My initial idea to start working in COS was to be part-time occupied within a field of my interest and to earn some decent ‘sponsoring’ for “origami…” - the brand that I envisioned, worked on for a while, but seen a lot of financial trouble with – so here we loop back to my job at COS. For a moment I felt like I was giving up on something, another moment I felt that I’ve grown a tremendous lot. Now I’m still torn between the two, but with a very positive accent on the fact that if I’ve grown in COS I’ll go all the way and learn every trick of trade to benefit from this great school later when “origami…” will be back.
Well, enough self-praise and extensive chatter over the first two pictures, this is meant to be a melancholic post at the first place… so some day I’ll tell you about the devils…patience, my dears, patience!