the grid


As little energy as there is when you feel sick with some kind of flu, sitting at home and admiring the interiors, your own, and all around the blogosphere. The grand activity today was to change the sheets and take a couple of sloppy pictures to show you... not that I'm going to show you the pictures of every sheets I change - that would be an awesome bore! These particular ones light the room up somehow. May be it's the strong graphic contrast against the empty white wall, may be it's just the excitement of the new, no clue - but I think I like them better than the Hay ones you've seen before. It's been ages since I wanted a monochrome bedroom, but somehow I always made a mistake buying white sheets which gave an impression that something is missing, and when the bed was made the cushions just sprang out at you and looked messy. Well, now I know. Thank you Ikea, flu and Weekday Carnival.


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