from wishlist to checklist


I used to make so many wishlists, full of things I will never have or the things I haven't even seen in real - just some kind of strange internet image clusters that time to time appeared on this blog. But now when I'm almost thirty, and that I am trying to dress myself without the teenage excess, the wishlists have turned into to-do check-lists.
So this is just about the only things I will buy for summer (add the golden Acne trousers that I already have): Dries Van Noten grey t-shirt with golden frill, Acne clog-style sandals (got them already too), Acne 'Misty' boiled knit (just placed my order on Stylepaste), Phillip Lim raffia top, Acne 'Pop' jeans (last year I bought them in light blue) and Phillip Lim 'Pashli' backpack (getting mine at Icon).
The reason for this is not that I have too much money for the designer clothing, but that I carefully select what will match the clothes I already have, and yes, it is the sad truth, but I am playing safe and only buying what suits me, from the brands I already know and love. I used to love to explore, but somehow at the age when you kind of feel better about being who you are, standing in front of a mirror for an hour is no longer fun...neither is constantly living with a thought 'I have nothing to wear' when in reality your closet has just exploded up the bedroom walls.
What is missing from this wishlist is a pair of good sturdy pumps - no idea where to find something for the rainy summer weather - a kind of shoe that doesn't turn into a mush after a walk around the block, does not hurt the feet or fall off when it gets wet, but has a small heel and looks elegant enough to go under a pair of baggies - I have a lot of expectation from just one pair of shoes!
And now about the 'Pashli' - it is a whole different story! I have never been a fan of designer bags worn with jeans and designer sweatshirts...yet it looks like I am turning into precisely that. Well, I've figured, one day I learn to drive I better carry a designer bag - it has absolutely no logic, but does have vaguely something to do with a big three zero. So I guess if I were to step into the decade when one owns a car, makes babies and launches own business - I better mark this step by a presence of a designer bag in my wardrobe. Why? Don't ask! I have no answers. It's not a pair of Louboutin shoes yet, or I would put myself into a premature middle-life crisis category. It's just a...
...oh, 3.1Phillip Lim 'Pashli' backpack in cloud blue.
Who said I want to have babies? I'd rather give birth to "Pashli' backpacks in all colours of the rainbow.
It was some exciting news that this handsome 'winged' bag will have a just as handsome brother in a form of a backpack, and still with a handle on top. Impatiently, I waited for that to happen. The Pre-spring/summer lookbook presented a white one with blue brims, but at Icon I just fell in love with the sky-blue cutie and said to myself that I refuse to have a middle-life crisis without this very bag.



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