cold shoulder


So here's me again, feeling like a rich bitch in the beginning of the pay month. Two weeks from now I'll be rationing bread at home, but today I went on the all-in-one shopping spree, stopping for a coffee at Charli bakery and for lunch at Exki, going to both - high end and high street, second-hand and beauty shops. Money has ran out before time, but after trying loads and loads of beautiful stuff at Hunting and Collecting, I chose a dove-grey Kenzo sweater with shoulder splits - not an average Kenzo buy that is usually full of prints and crazy textures, but a quiet, plain coloured basic...well, in my world shoulder splits are basic...but you get the point. I'm not even sure how to wear it. Whatever is printed or voluminous is amplified next to a simple garment, layering destroys the essence of the pure uncomplicated details - I'm lost!
Needing to tweak things a little I went to H&M, hoping to find some chunky and vulgar necklace collar sort of thing, but walked out with an earcuff - two fine chains connect to the ear tip, one golden and another neon orange. It could have looked like some ugly nu rave accessory that has passed its due by date, but with some magic of a plain basic sweater things fall back in place. I'd imagine the look being completed by a pair of cropped trousers and platform shoes. The trick is finding the right trousers which I don't seem to have, but will be on a lookout.  For now it's only an old pyjama at the bottom of that whole made up pulling dreamy face photo, but you can't see it, right?


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