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 Even though I keep on complaining about the styling at the Dries Van Noten Autumn/Winter 2013-14 show, the details of the collection and the garments that work perfectly on their own without too much layering - that's what really seems to have hooked me up. There are tons and tons of club-stripe - on skirts, on trousers and naturally on blazers.
A blazer in its original meaning was a club jacket - bright coloured, monogramed - and what is a club-stripe if it doesn't 'blaze'? Dries Van Noten twisted it around, of course, and made dresses with stripes and put feathers on them, but that's another side of the story! What has really grabbed my attention is the blazer.
And then as it often goes, with a little chance of finding something similar two months before the aw/2013-14 collections hit the stores I went for regular grabs at Think Twice (my favourite second-hand joint) and found nothing else gazing at me from the messy rails but the very original club-stripe blazer! Bless the 2 euro days at Think Twice! I put it on and it fit like a glove - two minutes later I stood by the cashier desk with this blazer in one hand and a pyjama-style shirt in the other.
I wonder if I should really push the envelope and layer the blazer over a shirt together with chinos, loafers, a fedora hat and my faux Louis Vuitton bag that I got as a gift from China... could be just a perfect overdo! Although I think I'll start with baggy denim, printed t-shirt, pointy heels, clutchbag and sunglasses to perfectly blend into the mass of 'Parisian chic' streetstyle. Long live the clichés of modernity!
The rest of my month I've made into an A.P.C. month - it's a very easy thing to do, especially when I wouldn't mind to own the entire collection. The Retrosuperfuture/ A.P.C. 70's style sunglasses are heaven - oversized navy blue frames are ultra-light and the lenses are photochromic, changing the opacity with the strength of light. The anchor-shaped belt goes over all denim summer dresses - in the summer I'm very nautical on that point. And the striped denim trousers from the new capsule collection are light and stretchy, perfectly summer- and travel-proof. The uncanny feeling is creeping up that I will go bonkers at the sale, since my wishlist is just a couple of meters too long to remain sane. 
And now a rare beauty note! I never write about it because my beauty regime is limited to a moisturizer-mascara-nailpolish. Sometimes I wear a concealer, you know, the times when sleep did not fit into the schedule, and a lot of times I wear bright red lipstick because one very elegant woman told me that I must always wear  that shade of red. Always. So normally I wouldn't have much to tell you, but even the most evident things may have a trick up the sleeve - mine is loose colourless powder with a rather high sun protection factor. I hate sunscreen creams because they are sticky and looking for one without paraben is a bore. Finding the colour of the powder that would be as pale as my complexion is an equal bore, read impossible. I don't tan, neither burn nor turn red, and if I put a lot of effort into obtaining some sort of colour my skin gets a veil of matte olive-toned translucent tan. Not being sure of whether looking like a marinaded fish would collect compliments I just remain white, like the Asian girls do, just without parasols, only with a fine layer of loose powder on my face. This summer I'll be testing the Bourjois 'Flower Perfection', it is perfumed unfortunately, but has no parabens - so bring on the sun!


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